Creating a Collaborative Enterprise

A number of relationships must be integrated into their environment for an enterprise to deliver superior performance. Does the enterprise know who these groups are? Do they know how important they are? Do they know how to relate to them to achieve greater success? There are a number of groups which impact the performance of every company, not just the leaders and employees.  When trying to address company-wide performance issues, one of the most common mistakes is to implement a program. What’s wrong with a program?  It will be short term. Usually, it will address only one area of the corporation’s operation, and it can be more harmful than beneficial. A better approach is to focus on creating a collaborative enterprise. Knowing how to change the inter-relationships and dependencies on these groups will super charge any company’s culture and contribute to increased success. Creating a Collaborative Enterprise will show you how to renovate your organization and create a culture that is “focused on being forever better.”  

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Robert L. Nitschke
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