Creating Greater Results with Your Advertising

Advertising your business is easy. Generating sales from effective advertising takes more effort and requires the advice of experts

Sparky Taft gives you the knowledge by sharing his secrets, gleaned from decades of successfully guiding his clients. Having worked in the broadcast industry, he knows the advertising world from the inside out. He has seen what only generates sales for the stations and what really works for their client businesses.

Save money. Make wise choices. And see the sales roll in.

Sparky Taft's Creating Greater RESULTS with Your Advertising gives you specific information on promotional ideas that work. His book defines the jargon, explains the different venues for ads, and honestly lets you know which ones are worth your investment. He details steps you need to take--and what to avoid--to give you the greatest value. Sprinklings of success stories show how any business can put his advice to work.

Whether you engage an advertising agency or do the promotional work yourself, Sparky Taft's Creating Greater RESULTS with Your Advertising will give you a jump over your competition today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

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