Secrets of Self-Starters

Forty-eight amazing self-starters share how one key trait rocketed them to the top of their game.  Discover the nine traits that will ignite the self-starter in you. Learn from the wisdom of real people who discovered which trait and attitude—their traititude---propelled them forward.  

Inspiring Excellence

Michael Schutzler clarifies the essentials for leadership excellence. Lay a foundation of listening, storytelling, negotiating, and making assessments. Apply those skills to the functions of assembling talent, reaching consensus, making tough decisions, and harnessing ambition. Walking the talk, Schutzler inspires with clever and relevant anecdotes the reader easily commits to memory. Simple exercises then move the reader to transform ideas into action and, with practice, into targeted results.  

Creating a Collaborative Enterprise

A number of relationships must be integrated into their environment for an enterprise to deliver superior performance. Does the enterprise know who these groups are? Do they know how important they are? Do they know how to relate to them to achieve greater success? There are a number of groups which impact the performance of every company, not just the leaders and employees.  When trying to address company-wide performance issues, one of the most common mistakes is to implement a program. What’s wrong with a program?  It will be short term. Usually, it will addres

Work Finding

Move beyond ineffective job-search techniques and learn how to find work you love. Stop jumping from job to job and start making moves that help you grow. Get control of your career and look forward to Mondays!

Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!

Whether you’re at a business event or a social function, what’s the most common question asked by someone you’ve just met?  “What do you do?”  In Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!, media specialist Lorraine Howell guides you step by step through her unique process for creating a winning elevator speech. By using Lorraine’s method, you can explain what you do in thirty seconds or less, as well as determine your listener’s need and interest, making your elevator speech one of your most compelling—and time-efficient— marketing tools for generating new business.

Buying a Business That Makes You Rich

John Martinka is known as The Escape Artist because of the work he does helping executives escape the corporate world by buying the right business the right way.  

Making the Jump into Small Business Ownership

In Making the Jump into Small Business Ownership, authors David Nilssen and Jeff Levy guide readers into self-employment. They dissect what it takes to become a business owner into easy-to-digest chapters peppered with real-world examples. It presents a practical guide on how to build self-reliance and start your own business beginning with the fundamentals and addressing the challenges that most new entrepreneurs face.