Gary's Gray World

To all children that they might discover the joys of reading, let their minds travel to far-away places, and give their imaginations the freedom to soar. 

Leela's Diwali Celebration

It's almost Diwali--the festival of lights! Leela and her family are visiting India to celebrate Diwali with her grandparents. While Leela was thrilled to visit her grandparents, she was also sad about missing her friends in Seattle. This was going to be her first time celebrating Diwali in India. Will she be able to make new friends in India and learn the story behind Diwali? Come, ride along with her as she begins her journey from Seattle to Chennai, immersing herself in India's culture and lifestyle. Join her to celebrate Diwali in India!

Here Comes George

George and his mate for life, Georgina, live on the shores of Hood Canal, Belfair, Washington. They have a close relationship with the Scott family, living their seagull life on the family beach, raft, and front yard. Spending time on the deck allows them to participate in human activity, even, on occasion entering the home for morning coffee, and maybe peeking into the refrigerator.

Picture Day

Child educational psychologists suggest that engaging in creative activities with children helps them bond with parents, caregivers, and teachers. But, the benefits of creativity aren't limited to kids. Research indicates that creative activity contributes to successful aging by fostering a sense of competence, purpose and growth. So, how can you spark the creativity in your child now that will turn into a lifelong benefit later? It's easy. Just be  SILLY!

The Bible Alphabet Book

As a young mother many years ago, I knew there were two important things I wanted to instill in my daughters--a love of God and a love of reading. I believed a foundation of faith would ground them in an often-shaky world, and I knew a love of reading would expand their opportunities in that world. My hope is this book will do those same things for the child in your life. Also in Spanish.

Sammy Sloth's Big Golf Tourney

We all know Sammy Sloth as a golf superstar, but when he plays in the Animal Masters Golf Tournament, he faces his biggest challenge yet against the best animal golfers in the world. Can Sammy find the confidence he needs to pull off an amazing upset?

Sammy Sloth Sports Superstar

Sammy Sloth is on a quest to become a sport superstar! Unfortunately, after trying out for the track, baseball, and swimming teams at school, Sammy still hasn't found his sport. Will he ever find the sport that best fits his slow and steady nature? Author Ryan Sloth introduces children to a youngster who, with the encouragement of his mother, is determined never to give up on his dream. Join Sammy Sloth on his journey to learn the importance of continued effort and hard work to succeed.

The Troll Under the Porch

Ever wonder why the toys are always left out, mud tracks on the carpet, huge scratch on the new car? Well, maybe it's the mischievous Tommy Troll who lives under the porch!