Children's Fiction

Stuck In The Mud

In 2002, Simon Calcavecchia moved to Australia to follow his dream of playing rugby. After his third game of the season, he was injured in a scrum leaving him with c5/6 quadriplegia. Several years after the injury, Simon graduated from The Evergreen State College with a bachelor's degree in liberal arts. After graduating, he spent most of his time volunteering with preschool children, which partly inspired him to write The Adventures of Frank and Mustard. His books are meant to inspire children and adults to never give up.

Little Jessie's Beach Fun

Jessie loves going to the beach with her Dad. She is very good at making new friends at the beach. In this story, Jessie meets a new friend at the beach. She wants to surprise her friend by making something really special. Do you want to know who her new friend is? What is the special surprise that she has got for her new friend? Flip open the book and let's dive into Jessie's world. Origami instructions to make your own paper crab included!

Saint Nick's First Christmas

Saint Nick's  First Christmas reveals the secrets of Santa's beginnings. It all began with the elves. Safely tucked away where no one would ever discover them, they happily did what elves naturally do--made toys. And more toys. And so many toys the little toymakers were running out of room for them. 

Little Golden Bear

Little Golden Bear weighs caution against curiosity, and as with many little children, curiosity seems more often the winner, and a lesson forever learned the only favorable outcome. In Little Golden Bear, K. L. King follows the young bear from one adventure to another in Washington State’s Olympic National Park. With his parents to guide him, the little bear learns the ways of the wild and its dangers, as well as the good and bad of the less-than-wild humans.

What Not to do at the Zoo!

What Not to do at the Zoo is Morgan and Linda Gresky's big debut. What began as a silly dinner table conversation after a day at the zoo, grew into a fun-filled children's book. See what happens when the animals are shown how to write a song, offered a deck of cards , or even given hula-hoops. You'll never look at animals the same way again!

The Scarlet Twinfin

All children want to please their father. In The Scarlet Twinfin, a young prince sets out on a dangerous quest to do just that.  Along the way, he learns a valuable lesson about what matters most. Complete with discussion questions for children and parents to consider how the story reflects God's father heart.