Just a Little Past SPLAT

The Twelve Lessons Institute promotes essential life lessons NOT taught in school. The mission of the Twelve Lessons Institute is to spread the essential life teachings of the modern-day parables found inside this book. You will need less than one hour to read the entire contents. But what you learn here will fill in some huge gaps created by and completely ignored by today's educational system. 

Running the Long Race in Gifted Education

Individuals identified as gifted carry a tremendous responsibility to use their abilities to the utmost. But how do they ensure successful outcomes if society lacks knowledge about their differentness? Fifteen authors answer that question...and more in Running the Long Race in Gifted Education: Narratives and Interviews from Culturally Diverse Gifted Adults.  Editors Joy M. Scott-Carrol and Anthony Sparks have assembled authors representing a range of racial, ethnic, and regional backgrounds. Their stories reveal a wealth of experiences, challenges met, and barriers overcome. 

My Transition Portfolio Notebook

Centered around intuitive prompts that have been proven to break down even the most difficult of communication barriers, My Transition Portfolio is a comprehensive companion guide specifically developed to unlock self-determination in young adults with disabilities. A series of 14 Keys like "Know Yourself Well", "Find Careers that Match You" and "Lead Your Own  IEP" are each developed to draw out individual preferences and in turn create opportunities rooted in systematic goal-setting. 

Six Secrets to Success in High School and College

Want to boost your GPA? Taking tests freaking you out? Think it’s too late to change career goals? Do you really know how to study, where to study? In Six Secrets to Success in High School and College, the entrepreneurial Wass family, experts in psychological techniques, will guide you out of chaos into clarity.

Instructional Design That Soars

Transform your expertise into inspiring, engaging training sessions with Instructional Design That Soars. Used by thousands of people to impact organizations and communities, Guila Muir’s Kite Method provides the skills you need to launch your class, seminar, Webinar, or corporate training session.