The Life That Got Away

The Life That Got Away alternates between adventures of the narrator's past cross-country road trip and his current adustment in Seattle. Dealing with Beatrice's rejection of his desire to right her wrong--as well as her not-so-subtle rejection of him--he sees all through gray-colored lenses. Love is dead, he claims. But is it? Believing it is so makes it so, and he fails to see the beauty and love all around him, even blossoming in another woman's desire for him.  

Faranell Castle


An ancient castle, a devouring whirlpool, and a dragon keeping watch. But where’s the treasure?

Leave it to Gylarian and Filestra MacDavidson.

“Old Moneybags” MacDonnelle is about to snatch their clan’s castle (merely a tax issue … but rather humongous), and the duo are intent on saving Faranell. They have but a few days, and only a treasure of dragon proportions will do. Where is that treasure?

Guild of Immortal Women


Two bodies are discovered on the grounds of The Bastille, home to a coven of witches who belong to the Guild of Immortal Women.  The bodies have strange characteristics, so what follows is a combination merry and sinister romp through ancient history. Medieval times are brought to life through a massive tapestry adorning the mansion’s walls where the characters—animals and humans—emerge  through tears in the fabric.

Forcing the Hand of God

Yunnan Province, China, 1943 …

Two men wage an intellectual war over a timeworn chessboard, a metaphor for the conflict that rages in the skies above. The young, handsome army pilot seethes against the violent forces of a hostile world, angry that his bombs and bullets cannot vanquish the enemy who threatens all he values. His opponent, the older, world-wise man of the cloth, dispatched long ago to this dreary, distant outpost offers divine guidance: “You can’t force the hand of God.”

Eye for an Eye

The dilemma facing ex-CIA interrogator-turned-psychologist Chris Nelson turns deadly when a patient reveals a past of sexual abuse, stolen secret files, and pursuit by forces good and evil. Drawn into the drama, Dr. Nelson himself becomes a moving target, giving him no choice but to fight for his own survival and those of other PTSD victims.

Young Falcon

Seventeen-year-old elven Elysia turns her easy life on end when she accepts her father's request to journey to the capital. Captured by soldiers, thrown in a dungeon, and soon to be sold to humans, ­Elysia refuses to face defeat. 

During her long hours of isolation as prisoner, she develops a mental bond with a man she’s never met that becomes so strong the two cannot even tell their own thoughts, dreams, or emotions apart. Elysia escapes her captors, only to find danger lurking at every bend. Confused, alone, and uncertain,  now that she’s begun, Elysia cannot turn back. 

Escaping Revolution

Thirty years from now, our country votes in a moneyless, credit-based socialist system that redistributes all the country’s wealth and eliminates the amassing of private wealth. Ben Burner, an unwilling participant in this sweeping transition, takes part in a backlash against the new system and is sucked into a maelstrom of events that force him to escape into a life-changing journey. In his travels he makes a radical shift in his thinking and approach to life. This book offers a glimpse at how such a moneyless society just might be possible.

Cabin 108

Unloved, Gordon’s hungry heart yearns for life’s magic once more. Beautiful Laraine then enters his world and touches him like none before.  Fireworks fly, emotions rollercoaster, and his spirit soars to new heights. Gordon has found his soul mate. Or has he?  Packing away his low self-esteem and a learned distrust of others, Gordon steps into a world of cow pastures and kindness. His gentle ways, quirky humor, and mastery in the kitchen endear those in his new and safe surroundings, allowing him to hone his talents, self-worth, and aspirations. Exploring both love and lust, these relations

The Babylon Prophecy, Book 2: Beneath the Temple

Adventure, suspense, intrigue, and murder continue to stalk retired CIA agent Al Robek in this gripping second installment of The Babylon Prophecy. As in The Babylon Prophecy, Book 1, Countdown to Doomsday, Robek struggles to fit pieces of the mysterious Brotherhood puzzle together, working with his counterparts in British intelligence. Further discoveries-–underground and underwater-–raise even more questions involving World War II, Freemasons, and the Vatican. Robek, at once the hunter and the hunted, is sent on mission after mission spanning the breadth of Amer

Deep Stepping Stones

Two FBI agents handling unrelated cases in Montana find bits and pieces that seem to pull them together. Are they related? What could connect them? And, most important, where do they lead? Senior agent Steve Madden combines the perfect mix of tenacity, intuition, and professionalism to solve most investigations, but when two fellow agents disappear without a trace, he and partner Jim Addis find the waters deep, turbulent and the path across unclear. Robert D.