What would you do if you had a secret that could change everything?  Would you ever tell?  When Annadyomene Ribbon got the call from Brownstone Boarding school saying they would like to have her attend their school on a scholarship, she could not possibly pass this up.  While attending Brownstone, Annadyomene (Anna for short) meets some friends.  One of those friends being a guy with shocking blue eyes who from the moment Anna met him she felt a connection.  But with friends also comes some enemies.  When Anna finds out that not everyone in Brownstone Boarding school is normal that starts a

The Babylon Prophecy, Book 1: Countdown to Doomsday

Within hours of an accidental bombing in Iraq, retired CIA sniper Al Robek is summoned to investigate. While battling his own demons from post-traumatic stress disorder, Al uncovers one mystery after another. He learns that his former girlfriend, Jess Contreras, was the pilot responsible for the bombing. Together, they find an ancient city buried by the Biblical flood and become the targets of a secret brotherhood bent on triggering an early Armageddon. 



The death of the Darkwoods Foxes' ruling oracle, Scythe, bodes ill for the Wraith Mice and their allies. With the change in leadership, the uncertain relationship with the foxes will erupt into a vicious war. Possessing the ability to melt into the darkness and renowned in warfare, the Wraith Mice rally the squirrel tribes, Ranger Mice, and others to defend their territory--and their very lives. A young one among them, Princess Zuryzel rises fearlessly to the challenge. But can she overcome the challenges in time to defeat the hated foxes?


Leaving behind a desperate war, Princess Zuryzel races to the coast, intent on bringing aid to her struggling army. On her journey, she will encounter friendship, betrayal, and a secret she would much rather stay hidden. As Zuryzel feverishly seeks new allies, the squirrels and mice defending the great stone city of Pasadagavra fear they cannot hold out against the Darkwoods Foxes. But as the battles rage, they learn the depths of their own strength and bravery, and they are determined to prevail.

Whiskey Cove

A young Alexandria was swept away by Jake McKenzie and Prohibition's underworld. Alex thrilled when running illegal whiskey between Canada and Washington State until Antonio, head of the Italian Mafia intent on taking over the Northwest Territory, began to pursue her. Then excitement turned perilous. Decades later, details of Antonio's murder still haunt Alex.