Secrets Lost, Secrets Remembered

Both love story and spiritual mystery, Secrets Lost is grounded in the known world, but also offers a captivating look at what lies beyond the five senses. Breece’s evocative symbolism, thought-provoking imagery, and well-crafted storytelling make this debut novel utterly compelling.

Finding This Place

At a very young age, Marcia Breece came face to face with a disconcerting truth that would haunt her for decades.  Because she was a girl, she would be molded to fulfill a role that had long been defined for her: to be obedient, coy, and self-effacing—and forever secondary to men.  The free-spirited, independent nature Marcia demonstrated as a child slowly eroded, unable to overcome the powerful influence of societal expectations and the autocratic rule of the men in her life.  It is a story that will inspire both women and men to follow one’s own path—no matter how bumpy—and inevitably arr