Turn Right at the Dancing Cow

In one of the darkest, most hurting, and often overlooked corners of the world, one woman is showing a way out of misery, poverty, and pain. Holding up a beacon of light, Maggie Josiah offers an all-too-rare ray of hope to Ugandans grasping tenuously at the subsistence level. Carrying her own scars, Maggie knows suffering but also knows, regardless of one’s past or current circumstances, anyone can transform his or her life. What she and her students do every day bears brave testament to her unwavering belief in the power we each hold. 

The Ruff Road to Glory

Gradually going blind in his twenties, Rich Ruffalo refused to face reality. And then, one rainy evening, unable to make sense of the road before him, he suddenly felt his car thud against a little girl. Jolted into reality, Ruffalo refused to be knocked down and, instead, put his all into achieving. As a teacher, he excelled winning the Princeton University's Distinguished Secondary School Teacher of the Year Award and then Disney's Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award.

Troubled Mother, Troubled Son

A testament to a mother's ability to overcome the deepest loss, Troubled Mother, Troubled Son walks the path from loss to acceptance to finally forgivemess.

Communion with God: Reflections of Life and Love through Spirit

Dara Marie's poems soothe the soul, open windows to new views, and encourage us to face challenges we might prefer to ignore.  Open Communion with God: Reflections of Life and Love through Spirit to any page, and the revealed writing will bring comfort--and maybe even a smile. Inspired by everyday events or a choice happenstance, Dara Marie uncovers connections to spiritual guidance. Her insights give us a chance to see life differently and as, perhaps, God intends.

Young at Heart

Anne Snowden Crosman interviewed hundreds of elderly people leading vibrant lives--the famous and non-famous, those born in this country and those who had immigrated, some who had endured a difficult life, others who had known a life of privilege. What was their secret of living long and well? The answers, as individual as the interviewee, shared one common attribute: an unsentimental attitude toward longevity.  

Turnaround Summer

Boys want men in their lives as models of what to become, as guides along sometimes shaky paths, and as companions just for sharing. Boys need men in their lives to grow into capable, confident, nurturing men for a strong and secure society. Without realizing it, fifteen-year-old Paul Hansen found what he wanted and needed to climb from youth to manhood. In Turnaround Summer, he gives us an inside peek-–with humor, sensitivity, and wisdom-–of the magical results from men mentoring boys. Turnaround Summer calls all men to ensure a bright future for our world by becoming tha

The New Immigrants

A new wave of pioneering immigrants has rushed headlong into Arizona the last forty years, thriving in a rich atmosphere of business opportunity. Anne Snowden Crosman interviewed hundreds of immigrants, and she asked for their secret for survival and success.  They all answered, “Hope, hard work, persistence, and determination.” And why did you come to America?. “For the happiness to live in a free country.” The newcomers speak for themselves revealing a focus, a commitment, and a passion to be the best they can.  

Seeing Reality

Photojournalist Jerry Gay has driven over 500,000 miles of America’s back roads and highways during the past 40 years to continue his personal passion to see reality in everyday life. His exceptional photography conveys his truly positive and persuasive analysis. Jerry visualizes reality and encourages us to see solutions for challenges we now face in our ambiguous universe.

Over the Rainbow Bridge

“Live like there’s no tomorrow, love with all your heart, and laugh until your spirit lights up!” Thus said little nine-year-old Cory, dying of leukemia. Cory lived every second of his five final and cancer-ridden years to the fullest. This wise old soul walked his talk, embracing life with passion and without fear of death. He lived to inspire others and brought everyone he touched -– teachers, fellow students, medical professionals, Hollywood actors---his timeless message. His inspiring wisdom continues in Over the Rainbow Bridge. Laugh and cry with Cory---and never fear death ag

A Wild Life: Healing Animals with an Open Mind and Loving Heart

Majestic eagle, furry squirrel, baby bear, and more – any one can leap from a cute ball of playfulness to a potential attacker when injured and feeling especially vulnerable. Yet, as Ann Southcombe relates time and again in A Wild Life – Healing Animals with an Open Mind and Loving Heart, we do them –- and ourselves –- injustice in ignoring their true essence. Decades of intimate interactions with a wealth of animals have shown Southcombe how wonderfully they respond when treated, instead, with understanding, love, and respect.