Juvenile Fiction


A new evil is growing, threatening the Wraith Mice. River otter warriors kidnap two young mice and will release them only if the village of Graystone gives up a mysterious wounded mouse sheltering behind their walls. When the mice at Graystone refuse and instead attack, the renegades flee north to sell the two captive mice and their sea otter allies into slavery.

Bully Dogs

Nothing goes right for Frances Reed. Dumped on by the popular girls in her sixth grade class, Fran gets no support from her mom. To make her life more miserable, every day on her way to school, the three bully dogs chase her within an inch of her life. With a little nudging, Fran learns appearances can deceive and she has more control than she thinks over what happens to her. Maybe she can even work things out with Marcy, the curse of her life in class and on the volley ball court. As for the dogs … well, see what she does with them!

YNK (You Never Know)

Having called a shaky truce with her bullying rival the previous year, Frances Reed looks to an easier time in seventh grade. But who’d expect trouble from her best friend? Annie’s only trying to get Fran into the cool crowd. Surely she has Fran’s best interests at heart. Or does she?