Organic Parenting

Organic Parenting: The Prevention of Parent Deficit Disorder is a kindly grandmother whispering in your ear. At your side, she shares words of wisdom gleaned from years of experience. Pick up Organic Parenting and “hear” her advice whenever you need it—if problems arise, when you yearn for another perspective, on days where stress covers up sanity. Listen and learn how to infuse harmony into your family’s life.  

Trouble at Home?

“I don’t have to! I’m not your slave! I don’t care! You can’t make me! Sound familiar? In this fascinating and very helpful guide, Lynn Fife relates two real-life cases of challenging children. Using Fife's Dad Camp System, the desperate families witness firsthand the wonderful results of turning around an unpleasant family life. It takes hard work, time, and a commitment on both sides, but everyone agrees that the benefits will last a lifetime. 

Around the Circle Gently

Reading this unique quote book is like sitting in on a conversation with such a diverse collection of people as Benjamin Spock, Anna Quindlen, Candice Bergen, Mahatma Gandhi, Fred (Mr.) Rogers, Bill Cosby, Amelia Earhart, Mother Teresa, Dr.