Unfounded Loyalty

This book was written in answer to a very important question—Why are most blacks in America Democrats? Although I had opinions and suppositions, those were not enough to satisfy this thirsty mind, and I could see I would have to dig further to find the real answer. Not long after this, I received a call from my publisher. He asked if I would consider writing a book that would address the spiritual, political, cultural, and economic issues affecting African Americans.The decision to take on the project has led to some startling revelations regarding the relationships between blacks and Democ

Unveiling the Whole Truth

Of all the institutions in America, without exception, none is as vicious and as biased as today’s news media. Over the years, their selective reporting has devastated the lives of celebrities and politicians and has perpetuated and promoted racial and gender stereotypes. After years of monitoring the press, I am convinced more than ever that our mainstream media organizations are not very fond of blacks, Christians, and those who call themselves Conservatives. Seldom do they ever have anything admirable to say about the three. Unveiling the Whole Truth is a series of editorials ba

Democratic Coma

Democratic Coma is based on one man's journey in search of truth and the source of the many problems that America is facing.  Driven to know, he finally sat down and started studying American history. Paying attention to politics, he awoke to find decades of facts about the Democratic Party, their experiment to divide the country by race, and their hidden agenda to expand slavery to create more dependency.