Watch Out For Bears


Get the bears out of the way!

Dan Kellogg does—in the wild and on the human level. His wilderness adventures have given him a mountain of heart-pounding bear adventures that only make him stronger, more aware, and ever intent on moving forward in life. Relating his rush-of-adrenaline encounters to those of the human kind in Watch Out for Bears, Kellogg shows how to keep bears of all types from blocking our spiritual path.

Among Us

Among Us: Stories of Worship and Faith celebrates all facets of life, best revealed in the poem, "Time for Easter." Just before Easter, a pastor, still mourning the death of his wife a few months previously, paints the church ceiling a sky blue and then adds stars for each deceased congregation member---joy, hope, love. and a bit of play all rolled into one that fully embraces God. You will be caught up in God's embrace as you read Among Us.

Religion to Reality

Religion to Reality follows Dr. Terry Thomas’s spiritual quest, prompted by a devastating loss. The book traces his journey across the United States and around the world in search of purpose and truth outside of or inside of a religious framework. During his quest, Dr. Thomas exposes centuries-old beliefs for what they were and what they are today. He asks and answers difficult questions and shows his readers how to find deep, abiding, spiritual consciousness leading to purpose and happiness.


The Unveiling of Noah's Ark

Biblical scholar Ron Melander’s thorough and enlightening examination of Noah and the ark provides compelling evidence of what actually happened to those on the ark and to those left behind. This trailblazing new account of an epoch Biblical story tells about earth’s earliest history from God’s point of view and will enlighten anyone who wants to put aside "traditional" notions and consider a newfound truth.

Jesus: Man, Not Myth

Who was Jesus? What was his life like? Both plausible and possible, this moving story of Jesus’s life is told by imagining his interactions with the people of the Gospel story and their reactions to their life-changing encounters with him. Narrated by John, the beloved disciple, author Peter Snow’s well-researched and entertaining story offers readers a glimpse into the life of the man Jesus.

Life's Captivity

What ties us down, holds us back, keeps us prisoners in our own lives? Michael, Ken, Jennifer, and Joe find their lives intricately entwined as they search for answers. All-too human, they falter, fall back, and then find the key. Auto mechanic, bank robber, knockout model, and popular priest -– all so different, yet each comes to the same conclusion: Forgiveness is the path to joy in this life, salvation in the next, and love with God everlasting. Sharon Gricol expertly weaves a tapestry of Everyman’s quest, filling the pages with richly patterned, true-to-life characters and a message for