PEP: The Seven P's To Positively Enhance Performance

As you travel down the road to happiness and success, don't let the inevitable potholes keep you from your destination. Simply use the seven P's that Positively Enhance Performance to pave them over and continue on your way. 

Heart to Heart: Journey with God

Michael Bluemling draws upon his own experiences to illustrate how to have a personal relationship with God through reflection and reading the Bible. This book is a collection of 180 short, thoughtful essays on major topics facing all Christians. 

Planning a PURPOSEFUL LIFE: Secrets of Longevity

This book features more than two dozen inspiring and insightful interviews with nonagenarians and centenarians revealing the many different paths to active longevity and underscoring the fact that this is the greatest time in the history of humankind to be over 80 or 90 or even 100. Or at least, it can be. Living a long life filled with passion and purpose is a goal that we should all aspire to but one that demands careful and thoughtful planning. 

Living a Happy, Healthy, and Inspired Retirement

Everyone has different bucket lists for retirement, but we all have the same two desires for those years. We all want: Enough money to continue our lifestyle and the confidence our plan will work. The Fullerton difference goes beyond merely hoping for a successful retirement; it shows how to plan for success and achieve peace of mind.


Can You Make Me Want It? Book 2

This powerful little book packs a punch with a baker's dozen of essential life lessons. Each is told within a modern-day parable and so easily remembered. Gleaned from John Shimer's extraordinarily successful career in fundraising, these interpersonal skills provide a foundation for your own success.  You will need less than one hour to read the entire contents and advance your search for true happiness. 

Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian: A Road Map to Success for Veterans

After spending years in the military and, then as a civilian, working, earning degrees, and starting his own business, Michael Bluemling Jr. knows what a soldier needs to transition out of the armed services. Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian: A Road Map to Success for Veterans highlights the full range of steps to take--from examining the wisdom of leaving to descibing the benefits and programs available to former soldiers. 

Succeeding as a Student

Undergraduates need top scores to be accepted into advanced degree programs, to prove success in their specialty, and to secure the best jobs. As a retired professor, David R. Gross knows the secrets to securing those grades and provides the details to get them.

Sisterhood of Money

Financial security is within a woman’s reach.

Born on a cold Chicago morning, The New Girls’ Club brings financial advisor Christine Freeman to the aid of five women. Intelligent, successful, yet clueless in money matters, the five women welcome the pragmatic advice, friendly manner, and opportunity to grow. Christine’s novel approach to financial planning immediately sets the five on a new journey where their work turns dreams into reality.

Positioning 4 Retirement

People are more afraid of running out of money in retirement than of dying! Time to lay that fear to sleep.

Despite vastly different backgrounds, all people hold the same hope—a financially secure future. They want to minimize taxes, protect assets from the government’s reach, provide for medical care and emergencies, have funds for a fun-filled retirement, and even have some left over for loved ones or special causes.