Succeeding as a Student

Undergraduates need top scores to be accepted into advanced degree programs, to prove success in their specialty, and to secure the best jobs. As a retired professor, David R. Gross knows the secrets to securing those grades and provides the details to get them.

Sisterhood of Money

Financial security is within a woman’s reach.

Born on a cold Chicago morning, The New Girls’ Club brings financial advisor Christine Freeman to the aid of five women. Intelligent, successful, yet clueless in money matters, the five women welcome the pragmatic advice, friendly manner, and opportunity to grow. Christine’s novel approach to financial planning immediately sets the five on a new journey where their work turns dreams into reality.

Positioning 4 Retirement

People are more afraid of running out of money in retirement than of dying! Time to lay that fear to sleep.

Despite vastly different backgrounds, all people hold the same hope—a financially secure future. They want to minimize taxes, protect assets from the government’s reach, provide for medical care and emergencies, have funds for a fun-filled retirement, and even have some left over for loved ones or special causes. 

Going for the Gold

The financial future looks questionable. Higher inflation and higher taxes than ever before are inevitable. Social Security and Medicare benefits will be pinched. After years of excess spending, the bill is coming due. Thanks to our lawmakers in Washington, the national debt continues to soar as the Federal Reserve buys newly created debt from the US Treasury. This "easing" is money creation, plain and simple: no printing presses are needed, just a few computer key strokes. With more money in circulation, the dollar loses value and inflation will surge.

The Right Choice

What you see, how you interpret the world and people's actions, depends upon you. You make the choice in how you view your life, and you hold the power to choose how your life unfolds. It takes courage to break the chains that have bound you for many years---and have often bound your culture for centuries.

A Toolbox for Building a Better Life After Incarceration

All of the basics in one place, A Toolbox for Building a Better Life after Incarceration provides practical guidance for those reentering society and making a fresh new start. Step-by-step procedures, daily reminders, and important insight on conduct and appearance answer the question, "What do I do now?"

Una Caja de Herramientas Para Construir Una Mejor Vida Despues del Encarcelacion

Todos los conceptos basicos reunidos en un solo lugar. "Una Caja de herramientas para construir una mejor vida despues del encarcelacion" proporciona una guia practica para aquellos que vuelven a integrarse a la sociedad y quieren empezar de nuevo. Procedimentos paso-a-paso, recordatorios diarios, y mas lo mas importante el contacto interno y la apariencia contestan la pregunta, "Que hago ahora"?

The Sweet Spot

To those who have tried affirmations and found only frustration, grab Sheryl Eldene’s The Sweet Spot and finally create the reality you want. Her proven program gently guides you from beginning to end-–stating your goal, designing the specific steps to get you there, and achieving what you have always wanted. Built-in celebrations keep your momentum going. And solutions for roadblocks keep you on track. Discover your sweet spot, make that perfect contact, and soar. 

The Ultimate Diet is NOT About Food

For every person who has struggled to lose weight and keep it off, Stepanka Chae offers this straightforward but powerful advice.  Forget dieting. Dieting as a quick fix to a long-term problem doesn’t work. After years of waging a war with her body through unsustainable and unsuccessful dieting, Chae makes some eye-opening discoveries: Food is not the enemy. Will power is not the answer. Deprivation is not empowering. And a change in focus is essential to attaining one’s desired weight.