30 Days to Better Agile

Agile product development works—if you do it right. Despite its simple principles, executing them presents challenges to new and experienced agile practitioners alike. Many organizations start a move to agile with high hopes and enthusiasm, only to end up discouraged, frustrated, and ready to give up.

Crisis to Creation

This book provides dramatic evidence of the power of choice to heal the soul, transform tragedy into blessings, and take people from crisis into creation.  

Passionate Purpose

Our rapidly changing world demands we immediately respond and adjust -– or get left behind. But how can we keep up? Reed Daugherity’s Passionate Purpose shows the way. Each of us has the energy and power to endure -– and even thrive -– on change by living on purpose and with passion. This roadmap of personal exploration will help you discover your true life purpose.  

My Roommate Is Driving Me Crazy!

Over 250 conversation starters for your most difficult roommate situations!  Packed with real-life scenarios from college students, My Roommate Is Driving Me Crazy! gives you the steps you can take to make life more bearable when you’re living with an impossible roommate.


PR for People

Be famous for who you are and what you do.  To promote you, your brand, and your business, you must carefully plan all elements of your promotion, which include the following Ps of PR for People: Persona, Positioning, Perception, Platform, Planning, Press, Pitching, Partnering, Performance and Persistence.  All of these pieces together help to create a brand identity where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts so that your message about who you are and what you do breaks through the clutter in a way that will help to develop your career and increase your business.

Finding My Marbles

Behind the seemingly chaotic unfolding of your life, there exists a harmony where everyone has a special purpose and everything has a perfect moment. But if you’re stuck in the “joyless zone”—that place where joy cannot enter and pain cannot leave—you cannot yet see this harmony. You may feel as if you have “lost your marbles.” Now is your perfect moment. This heartwarming story will teach you simple principles that will help you discover your purpose and make the changes you so want in your life. Finding My Marbles offers a message of hope and invites you back to the joyful zone.

Weight Loss Through Yoga

In the privacy of your home, lose weight without strenuous exercise or dieting. Beautifully illustrated, the complete science of yoga is explored, allowing readers to realize their ideal form in spirit, mind, and body. Bridging Eastern and Western thought, Weight Loss Through Yoga contains valuable insights for even the most experienced yogi. 

Clients Are from Earth, Attorneys Are from Law School

This book gives guidance for anyone who hires an attorney –- individuals, small business owners, executives. Its insiders’ view will help those involved in legal and dispute situations –- domestic, neighbor-neighbor, vendor, business, contractual, and public issues –- as well as those looking for assistance in drafting agreements and contracts or those facing civil or criminal charges. 

Go and Get It! Making Happiness Permanent in Your Life

You once had dreams. Where did they go? Shattered? Trampled? Swept aside to make room for the “real” world? “What now?” you wonder. Go and Get It: Making Happiness Permanent in Your Life answers that question. Taking the reader gently through the steps that transcend our basic desires, responding to doubts the reader invariably must have, and leading the way, Yadwiga shares her own journey that others may also find the life they thought would forever remain out of reach. Travel with her, and you, too, will know how you can have happiness always at your side.