Job security flew out the door decades ago—and now seems forever out of reach, thanks to the Great Recession. As much of our economy follows jobs to other countries, especially China, Americans must wonder what we will be left holding … or doing.

Can we retrieve what we have lost?

Mass Capitalism Book by Apek Mulay published by Book Publishers NetworkApek Mulay knows we can. His Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival presents solutions to the economic problems threatening the US and global economies. Mass capitalism— a true free-market with minimal government intervention and lower taxes on individuals—calls for the majority shares of Fortune 500 companies to be owned by their employees, rather than outside investors on Wall Street.

Enough of protests and hand-wringing. Now is time for action with results that make a difference in the lives of the 99 percent.

Mulay’s background in microelectronics—and seeing jobs in that industry offshored— provides the basis for his exploration of where we went wrong and how to correct course. Input from authorities on the subject verify his vision. And clear, simple explanations make the concepts accessible to all readers. Now is the time for Mass Capitalism to carry the United States forward and allow us to continue to innovate and benefit from our work.