At what cost truth?

Gharrett Graywood’s son is slowly wasting away, mentally and physically, and no one knows why. Devoted to Bobby, especially since Gharrett’s wife walked out on them when the boy was only a year, the father desperately searches for the cause of the mysterious illness. When a special woman walks into Gharrett’s life, she brings much-needed joy—and clues about the boy’s disease. 

Spirit Made Smaller, published by Book Publishers NetworkGharrett never lets go. Even after Bobby’s death at eleven, Gharrett remains driven to discover what killed his son. And discover he does … where he never expected to find it. 

Set against the harsh background of Alaska’s wilderness, Spirit Made Smaller by Phillip Douglas travels far—from an exposé of the lofty authority of science to explorations of a life well-lived to an exploding ending that forces us to ask the ultimate question: Is the world better for our having lived?