Succeeding as a Student

Undergraduates need top scores to be accepted into advanced degree programs, to prove success in their specialty, and to secure the best jobs. As a retired professor, David R. Gross knows the secrets to securing those grades and provides the details to get them.

In this comprehensive guide, students learn steps to take from the beginning—which classes to take, when to take them, and how to arrange their schedule. From there, they receive tips for effective preparation prior to class, how to study efficiently and effectively, and how to take exams. A balanced life is important, and Gross makes sure they schedule time for play. Finally, they receive direction for gaining admission to graduate programs.

In high school, students could wing it, cram for exams, and still do well. At the college level, students require sophisticated study habits to succeed. And if they have sights on graduate school, they need a better approach. By following the advice set forth by Gross, they will make the most of their time in college and reach their lofty goals.

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