At what cost truth?

Gharrett Graywood’s son is slowly wasting away, mentally and physically, and no one knows why. Devoted to Bobby, especially since Gharrett’s wife walked out on them when the boy was only a year, the father desperately searches for the cause of the mysterious illness. When a special woman walks into Gharrett’s life, she brings much-needed joy—and clues about the boy’s disease. 

Spirit Made Smaller, published by Book Publishers NetworkGharrett never lets go. Even after Bobby’s death at eleven, Gharrett remains driven to discover what killed his son. And discover he does … where he never expected to find it. 

Set against the harsh background of Alaska’s wilderness, Spirit Made Smaller by Phillip Douglas travels far—from an exposé of the lofty authority of science to explorations of a life well-lived to an exploding ending that forces us to ask the ultimate question: Is the world better for our having lived?




Watch Out for Bears. A book published by Book Publishers NetworkGet the bears out of the way! 

Dan Kellogg does—in the wild and on the human level. His wilderness adventures have given him a mountain of heart-pounding bear adventures that only make him stronger, more aware, and ever intent on moving forward in life. Relating his rush-of-adrenaline encounters to those of the human kind in Watch Out for Bears, Kellogg shows how to keep bears of all types from blocking our spiritual path. 

Jesus faced bears in his life, and so do we. As Kellogg started his own church, he too found bears challenging his call to serve Jesus. But he refused to back down. Now he shares insights from the adventure God called him to travel so we all can find the strength to follow Jesus.  
Check out Watch Out for Bears: An Adventure in Leadership by Pastor Dan Kellogg at or on Amazon.




America Invades: How We’ve Invaded or Been Militarily Involved with Almost Every Country on Earth by Christopher Kelly and Stuart Laycock gives us history as it should be taught—calling out for more! 

With precision and a love for the bizarre, obscure, and humorous, Kelly and Laycock uncover the lesser-known facts of US military involvement around the world. We’re all familiar with the major wars the United States has fought. But how many know details behind these?

•   America Invades Book published by Book Publishers Network We invaded Canada, our friendly neighbor to the north, several times.
•    American love for food brought about the Watermelon War, Pastry War, and almost the Pig War.
•    The US Camel Corps (indeed!) took a naval voyage to Turkey.
•    We weren’t done with the United Kingdom in 1776. Two years later we invaded it.
•    American “Polar Bears” invaded Russia.

Maps enlighten, photographs bring the stories alive, and an index assists in uncovering facts. With an easy writing style, backed by thorough research, Kelly and Laycock reveal wow and I can’t believe it stories. They have no ax to grind, just present the facts, however odd. You be the judge whether the American eagle flies the world with peace laurel or arrows—or both—in its talons.




An ancient castle, a devouring whirlpool, and a dragon keeping watch. But where’s the treasure? 

Leave it to Gylarian and Filestra MacDavidson. 

“Old Moneybags” MacDonnelle is about to snatch their clan’s castle (merely a tax issue … but rather humongous), and the duo are intent on saving Faranell. They have but a few days, and only a treasure of dragon proportions will do. Where is that treasure?

The Legend of Faranell Castle Book published by Book Publishers NetworkA poem passed down within the MacDavidson clan offers clues to a hidden horde of jewels and gold. Seven mysterious doors must one pass through to reach the treasure. Only the purest of hearts and cleverest of minds can unravel the secrets woven by the wise wizard of Faranell Castle. Are Gylarian and Filestra up to solving the riddles? Can they endure the physical trials? Will they get all done before Old Moneybags grabs their castle for good?

In The Legend of Faranell Castle, Tony Canlis has created an enthralling tale for readers of all ages, destined to join the classics, read and reread and read again out loud for even the young to hear with eyes opened wide. 



Job security flew out the door decades ago—and now seems forever out of reach, thanks to the Great Recession. As much of our economy follows jobs to other countries, especially China, Americans must wonder what we will be left holding … or doing.

Can we retrieve what we have lost?

Mass Capitalism Book by Apek Mulay published by Book Publishers NetworkApek Mulay knows we can. His Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival presents solutions to the economic problems threatening the US and global economies. Mass capitalism— a true free-market with minimal government intervention and lower taxes on individuals—calls for the majority shares of Fortune 500 companies to be owned by their employees, rather than outside investors on Wall Street.

Enough of protests and hand-wringing. Now is time for action with results that make a difference in the lives of the 99 percent.

Mulay’s background in microelectronics—and seeing jobs in that industry offshored— provides the basis for his exploration of where we went wrong and how to correct course. Input from authorities on the subject verify his vision. And clear, simple explanations make the concepts accessible to all readers. Now is the time for Mass Capitalism to carry the United States forward and allow us to continue to innovate and benefit from our work.



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