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New Book Released: Upon a Field of Gold

Upon a Field of gold. A book by Richard Strack. Published by Book Publishers NetworkWe had a great time working on Upon a Field of Gold with Richard. Upon a Field of Gold is a compelling story about a man trying to reconcile his two lives without losing his current life to his past one. Heartwarming and chilling by turns, it’s even more captivating because it’s based upon a true story.

We loved working on every aspect of this book from the cover to the editing and printing! What a great book cover! We love working with our authors to help make their dreams of publishing a book a reality. Richard was great to work with and we hope to work with him again in the near future! Check out Upon a Field of Gold on Amazon, your local book store or wherever you buy books!



Growing Up Wild—A Little Bear’s Adventure

Little Golden BearLittle Golden Bear weighs caution against curiosity, and as with many little children, curiosity seems more often the winner, and a lesson forever learned the only favorable outcome. In Little Golden Bear, K. L. King follows the young bear from one adventure to another in Washington State’s Olympic National Park. With his parents to guide him, the little bear learns the ways of the wild and its dangers, as well as the good and bad of the less-than-wild humans.

Rich, full-color illustrations fill the pages of this gentle and often humorous story. Children will readily relate to Little Golden Bear’s mishaps, as well as his reluctance for venturing into the unfamiliar.




Transporting Yourself to Exotic Realms with Simple, Delicious Pakistani Recipes

Ooh Lala CookbookMasterChef USA competitor Lala Rukh makes Pakistani cooking quick and easy in Ooh Lala, her newest collection of traditional Pakistani recipes. Today’s cooks will appreciate her emphasis on fresh, wholesome ingredients while keeping directions simple enough for a fast weekday dinner. 

Lala expertly adapts the timeless recipes she grew up with for modern demands yet retains the rich medley of spices. Any night of the week, one can take a tasty culinary tour of the Far East by stepping into the kitchen with Ooh Lala in hand.

Stories of growing up in Pakistan—including humorous early experiences in the kitchen—add extra spice to Lala’s cookbook and a flavor for her native country and people. Extensively tested recipes, easy-to-follow directions, and full-color photographs in Ooh Lala will get you stirring up delicious Pakistani meals for friends and family in no time!




Close Encounters of the Log-pirates Kind

A Case of Timer Treachery by Bruce BradburnTeenage cousins Will and Michael, anticipating a low-key summer vacation on British Columbia’s Quadra Island, put the previous summer’s capture of a gang of criminals safely behind them, until . . . 

Huge trees on the property, downed by a freak windstorm, put the two in touch with a logger and his true tales of log pirates. With thievery on the seas never far from their minds and curiosity forever sparking, Will and Michael explore the waters around the Octopus Islands. Investigating a suspicious-looking log-boom in a hidden cove, the sleuths find the tell-tale identification on the ends of the stolen logs and send the incriminating photos home. 

Forgetting lessons learned a year ago with money-at-any-price men, the youths fail to notice they are being noticed. Later, motoring out becomes more than a leisurely ride as a boat barrels straight for them. They’re up against log pirates, intent on protecting their secrets, and in this game of chicken, all bets are off …

In A Case of Timber Treachery, Bruce Bradburn once again shares the natural beauty of Quadra and other Discovery Islands and a vital Northwest industry … as well as some of the more seedy characters coldly focused on monetary gain.



Swimming with the Otters

The Quadra Chronicles book by Bruce BradburnSweet, graceful otter Octavia has no interest in the rough antics of her brothers. Big brother Omar usually plays it safe. But Oscar . . . oh, dear . . . Oscar. Bumbling, enthusiastic, lovable Oscar keeps everyone in stitches as he plunges into one adventure after another. Even swimming—what most river otters do naturally—requires special instructions from Mother, amidst bouts of laughter from Octavia and Omar.

Splashing expertly around soon enough, Oscar yearns for more excitement and dreams of exploring beyond his familiar home. When Father returns from his wanderings and shares tales of distant waters, lands, and inhabitants, Oscar’s desire to travel only increases. Once opportunities open, Oscar is off . . .

In The Quadra Chronicles: An Otter Odyssey, Bruce Bradburn takes readers of all ages into the waters around his beloved Quadra Island, near Vancouver Island in Canada. An astute observer of creatures that inhabit the area, he deftly weaves five tales of exploration to delight even the cautious. In all, bold Oscar takes center stage. Through the youngster’s travels, readers learn about the behavior of river otters and other creatures in the area, including people, most of whom delight in—or at least tolerate—the otter’s explorations. Just never leave any food unattended!



Seeking Adventure, Uncovering Secrets

A Case of Lunar Larceny by Bruce BradburnVacationing on a remote island of British Columbia, cousins Will and Michael do what most teenagers would—seek escapades away from the parents. The kayaks call. The boundless waters give plenty of room to roam. And the latest news on their otherwise peaceful Quadra Island, an unsolved crime wave, sets the two teenage minds—and then the youths themselves—a-wandering. 

With friendship forming and adventure calling, Will and Michael explore the waters and islands around them. Too soon, innocent explorations turn into a dangerous uncovering when they happen upon a hideaway. Unwilling to staunch their curiosity, the two continue finding more than they bargained for …

In A Case of Lunar Larceny, Bruce Bradburn transports the reader into the natural beauty of Quadra and the other Discovery Islands, adding touches of history along the way. The teens’ adventures will capture readers of all ages—and then send them planning a trip of their own to the islands of British Columbia.



Keeping Afloat with Community Support

The Alaskan wilderness called, and Don Robbins answered yes. Would Biz? She loved her husband, so she hesitated nary a moment. Together they moved from their comfortable life in Colorado Springs to one of unanticipated trials and incredible adventures. 

Life Jacket Book by Biz RobbinsBiz Robbins’s Life Jacket: A Memoir of a Float Camp Teacher drops you in a rare but remaining experience in America’s last frontier. There, Biz and Don eventual find teaching jobs in logging camps in Ketchikan’s outlying bush areas—and conditions incredibly challenging. Life jackets are standard attire for young children. Snow has to be shoveled—evenly—off the floats to keep them level and safely above water. Purchasing food—or anything—requires a major expedition to town via watercraft, floatplane, or rugged land vehicle. And need a plumber? You learn to do on your own—or else.

Yet Don thrilled in the adventure, and Biz was happy just being with him. But when cancer struck Don, their lives changed irrevocably. Don lost the battle, and Biz was left to carry on. 

Adrift without her partner, Biz took solace in the majestic beauty all around. Then, completing her own healing, she accepted the emotional life jacket the tight community offered. Friends, students, and nature gave her hope, inspiration, and reasons to live fully, allowing her time to learn to swim once again on her own. 




Getting Ready for the Deal of Your Life

Cashing out of your Business by Jane Johnson and Kathleen Richardson-MauroA rush of baby boomers ready to retire and wanting to transition out of their business has barely begun but soon will crescendo. Regardless of your age, to make a smooth and profitable exit amid a growing group of businesses for sale, you need to plan carefully well in advance. 

Jane Johnson and Kathleen Richardson-Mauro’s Cashing Out of Your Business: Your Last Great Deal will guide you in all the steps. You’ll learn how to maximize the value of your business, minimize taxes and fees, and execute your plan. Johnson and Richardson-Mauro have owned, operated, and sold their own companies. They now use their financial background, planning expertise, and in-the-trenches experience to advise others on successfully transitioning from business ownership. 

Whether selling to family, key employees, or outsiders, you need to start planning now. Cashing Out of Your Business will show you how to position your company in the best possible light, find the right buyer, and negotiate the ideal deal.

And then you can enjoy that future you’ve only been dreaming about.




Going for the Gold a self published book by William A Storum

We live in a time of economic anxiety. Investments rise one day, plummet the next. Ever-increasing inflation continues to diminish the value of our savings. And, more than likely, Social Security and Medicare will not be able to sustain all of us who have paid into those social safety nets. 

So how can we best retain and grow our assets, not only for our future but for that of our heirs as well? The answer can be found in GOING FOR THE GOLD.

In his book, financial expert Bill Storum has created a blueprint for people of all income ranges who want to retain and preserve their wealth. The foundation on which he builds his strategies is gold—the perennial constant in our economic system. Unlike money, which is printed at the whim of the government, gold is finite, real, and consistently retains its worth.


GOING FOR THE GOLD provides an abundance of tactics for protecting what we’ve earned, including how to:

Successfully invest in gold mining stocks for the long term 

  • Turn gold into a lifetime income stream, tax-free
  • Slash exposure to increased inflation and higher taxes
  • Own gold bullion and coins in conventional IRAs and Roth IRAs
  • Invest in gold funds through annuities and life insurance
  • Include gold in estate planning

Throughout the book, Storum gives specific, detailed guidance to his readers on responsible and intelligent investing. But he also offers a wealth of inside advice based on his years of experience in the financial arena.

For anyone who wants to be proactive in maintaining and growing the money they’ve earned, GOING FOR THE GOLD will show them how.



Winning at Entrepreneurship a Book with a Vision

Want to buy a business or start one … but don’t know where to start?

Winning at Entrepreneurship a book by Rod RobertsonRod Robertson has done it many times over, learned from his and others’ mistakes, and packaged his wisdom in Winning at Entrepreneurship: Insider’s Tips on Building, Buying, and Selling Your Own Business to save you from disasters and ensure your success. 

After directing over fifty successful international transactions and participating in hundreds more, Robertson knows the ins and outs of mergers and acquisitions. His experience in entrepreneurship will make you a winner in the game. Covering the basics—from raising cash to starting or buying a business to growing it for sale—for small to medium-size business acquisitions, Winning at Entrepreneurship also hands out essential advice not found in other how-to guides. And experts in law, accounting, and marketing weigh in to assist you in the details.

Owner and operator of Briggs Capital, Robertson also tours the world as a motivational and guest speaker on winning at entrepreneurship and is a regular presenter at the Harvard Business School.