A Case of Timber Treachery

Teenage cousins Will and Michael, bonded by the previous summer's adventures and capture of a gang of criminals, return to Michael's family retreat on Quadra Island in British Columbia. A freak windstorm that downed huge trees on the property puts the two in touch with a logger and his true tales of "log pirates." With thievery on the seas never far from their minds and curiosity forever sparking, Will and Michael explore the waters around the Octopus Islands. Investigating a suspicious-looking log boom in a hidden cove, the sleuths find the tell-tale brandings on the log ends and send the incriminating photos home. Later, motoring out becomes more than a leisurely ride as a boat barrels straight for them. They're up against serious log pirates, and in this game of chicken, all bets are off ...

In A Case of Timber Treachery, Bruce Bradburn once again shares the natural beauty of Quadra and other Discovery Islands and a vital Northwest industry ... as well as some of the more seedy characters attracted to anything that has potential for monetary gain. 

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Bruce Bradburn
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