Choices Made, Prices Paid

Just Imagine ...

You're rejected whenever you apply for a job.

You're turned away every time you try to find a place to live.

You're shunned by potential friends

... all because of the choices you made.

The author of this heart-pounding story knows what that's like.

Even though he can't justify the endless stream of bad choices he made from the age of 12 well into adulthood--choices that ultimately landed him in prison--he is determined now to make the slow and steady journey back into society.

Drug addiction, reckless behavior, and rule-breaking are all in the past but serve as points of learning now.  John B. McIntyre carries the reader through every bad situation---including combat-related PTSD---and thoughtless action until his final wake-up call: incarceration.

McIntyre has plenty of company---men and women facing the same struggles to start a new life.  But they need not continue down the same path of self-destruction.  Instead, his story can inspire them to make the right choice. 

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John B. McIntyre
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