Distribution Services

Getting your book physically out to the marketplace takes time, patience, good relationships with booksellers and wholesalers, and excellent organization. Also, most bookstores do not deal directly with authors; they require a recognized, national distributor for delivering the books. Book Publishers Network works closely with reliable distribution services, such as EDK Book Distribution.

Self publishing distribution services

Some authors want to store their own titles and handle their own distribution to save a little money. Although this idea looks great on paper, once the truckload of books is delivered to your door, the realization soon sets in that distribution is indeed a complex and monumental task. As you begin to make a dent in the hundreds of books taking up space in your garage, the task before you can get a little depressing. 

Instead, we recommend your keeping a few hundred books that you can sell yourself at private book signings and use a distribution service to hold the rest of the print run and work with the major wholesalers.