Cover Design

Self Publishing cover design services by Book Publishers Network

People do judge books by the cover. When your book is sitting in a bookstore, it MUST stand out from the rest AND appeal to your targeted audience. Most of the time, no one is there promoting your book, so your cover must do the job for you. This applies just as strongly to eBooks. 

A cover must sell the book. You have just a few seconds—that’s all you get—to capture the attention of potential purchasers. A powerful cover that conveys the message of your book will make them look longer, open it up, read a little … and then buy it.

The attention you give to the cover—the overall design, the illustrations and/or artwork, and even the details of the font for the title—makes a huge difference. Does it look professional, or does it look as if the author played around with free, online photos and Word’s fonts?  

Try this experiment yourself: Go to a bookstore and check out what is on display. See what compels you to actually pick up a certain book.

At Book Publishers Network, a professional designer will use your title and a synopsis of your book to create several concepts for cover design. Though she usually hits the mark on the very first suggested cover, she will make any changes or come up with other images if you don’t feel they convey your own idea. There is no limit to the number of designs she will create. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!