Customer Testimonials

"My foray into the literary arena could not have been any easier on account of Sheryn Hara's Book Publishers Network.  She takes the novice author and produces a book fitting of a professional.  Sheryn's work is of the highest quality at a fraction of the cost of big-name publishing houses.  From start to finish, Sheryn made this all-too-often arduous process easy.  Without reservation, I would recommend Book Publishers Network to anyone, even the most seasoned author."
Brett Osborn
Get Serious

Working with Book Publishers Network has been an absolute joy.  Sheryn made the entire process simple and stress free.  I am so grateful for her unending support and encouragement.  She has made my dream of becoming an author come true.
Linda Gresky
What Not to Do at the Zoo
Sheryn and her team were fantastic and provided timely and professional guidance every step of the way during the writing and publishing of our book. They clearly demonstrated their knowledge and experience, and we have been very pleased with their services.  We could not have imagined a better outcome!
Jane Johnson & Kathleen Richardson-Mauro
Cashing Out of Your Business
I feel Sheryn Hara and Book Publishers Network made my book possible. I had the book almost complete, with many illustrations and color pictures and came to realize I'd created a publication so expensive to produce―no one could afford it. With her connections and experience, Sheryn helped me produce a beautiful book of the quality I imagined, on good paper, and printed on an offset press in full color―at a viable cost. Her advice saved me from many pitfalls I wouldn't have known existed, until I'd stumbled into them. If you're considering publishing a book―do yourself a favor and work with Sheryn.
Don Bothell
Weight Loss Through Yoga
Becoming a published author is not an easy feat, especially when you are a 12-year -old! However, Sheryn Hara and her team at Book Publishers Network made this entire process a positive experience for us. They worked tirelessly to ensure one little boy's dream came true. From the editor and cover artist to the typographer and printer, Sheryn orchestrated a seamless progression towards the most wonderful publication possible. We are forever grateful to her and everyone involved. We couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank you Sheryn and Book Publishers Network!
Paige Tolstolutsky
The Chronicles of Vespuela
Publishing though Book Publishers Network far exceeded my expectations. With Sheryn Hara at the helm, guiding me each step of the process, my book, Whiskey Cove, is stunning, professional, and greeted with pleasure by bookstores and readers. Sheryn’s expertise, and years of working with numerous writers, ensured a wealth of options, making my novel unique from cover to cover. From matching my needs with the correct artist, type set, and printer, to providing advice on distribution and advertising, Sheryn performed her magic. She kept me informed along the way and helped to keep me on the target. The best part is my satisfaction with the product. Whiskey Cove is a joy to behold and I will treasure the experience always.
Denise Frisino
Whiskey Cove 
Sheryn Hara has assembled a strong team of highly skilled professionals to handle every aspect of bringing a book to life―from editing to layout to cover design. I am very pleased with the quality of the work that went into publishing my book.
Hadiyah Joan Carlyle
Torch in the Dark: One Woman’s Journey
Having never written a book before, I had no idea what to expect when I set foot inside the office of Book Publishers Network and met Sheryn Hara.
Sitting in my local coffee shop today, looking at the published copy of my book, I cannot imagine the process happening without her team. From coordinating the process to finding a fantastic printer to connecting with the right editor to creating the perfect front and back covers, her team did it all. Sheryn provides a wonderfully inclusive service at a terrific price, and I would heartily recommend Book Publishers Network to anyone thinking about writing a book!
Ezra Snyder
Becoming Unbound
I am extremely happy with Sheryn Hara and her team at Book Publishers Network. People love my book and all, without exception, indicate how well it was done. Sheryn has been terrific. There was always good communication, and she and her team have duplicated what I wanted precisely. There have been suggestions made,  but I never felt pushed to do something I did not want to do. I can't say enough about BPN. From my viewpoint they are tops.
And Sheryn gets the job done quickly!  THANK YOU BPN!
Liesel Soley
Can You Be an Artist
I feel so fortunate to have discovered Sheryn Hara and Book Publishers Network!  Sheryn is professional, extremely knowledgeable in the publishing field, and charming to work with.  She cares about your dream and really listens to what you want.  Her team of auxiliary professionals is exceptional.  Each member is highly talented, pleasant, and eager to help.
They all work together to produce an excellent outcome ­ your published book.  I am so pleased with mine.  The cover is awesome, the layout outstanding, and the overall product is beyond my expectations.  Even though my book was released only a few months ago, it’s already selling well with my targeted audience. Thank you, Sheryn Hara and Book Publishers Network! I highly recommend them to any author.
Arlene Lockridge
A Fish Out of Water
I owe a large helping of gratitude to Sheryn Hara and Book Publishers Network for her vital assistance in transforming my dream into reality. As a new author, I was confused and overwhelmed by the daunting process of writing and publishing my first book. Sheryn took me by the hand and bolstered my confidence as she directed me step-by-step all the way to the final objective. With her twenty-five years of experience, Sheryn offered me choices in selecting an editor, layout and cover designers, as well as book distribution centers. Her qualified connections and patient guidance from beginning to end have resulted in the fulfillment of a longtime aspiration.
Ed Lincoln
Life Through the Rearview Mirror
I'd like to offer my appreciation to Sheryn Hara and her staff at BOOK PUBLISHERS NETWORK. She guided me on every step of this journey from writing to publication and into distribution. I'm convinced that Sheryn is a rare breed truly committed toward the accomplishments we search for. She is dedicated to the author in us all, and this makes her quite special!
Manny Pacheco
Forgotten Hollywood, Forgotten History
For me, Sheryn Hara’s publishing team demonstrated amazing talent. Lori Zue provided hi-caliber editing, perfecting each chapter, paragraph by paragraph, word by word, and comma by comma. Cover designer Laura Zugzda captured the exact feel that reflected our book’s content in her imaginative design and eye-catching blue and gold colors. Layout specialist Stephanie Martindale ensured that all pieces, the text and the old family photos, were placed in correct order in an easy-to-read and pleasing format.
Bravo to the creative folks at Book Publishers Network who provided a lasting legacy for our family!
Suzanne G. Beyer
The Inventor's Fortune Up for Grabs
I employed the services of Book Publishers Network upon the recommendation of a colleague who also self-published her book. It was a great decision! I found my experience with Sheryn Hara and her team to be highly professional, thorough, flexible and easy to work with. They were attentive to my needs, solved-problems quickly and made the process go smoothly. My editor/proofreader helped to make perfect changes to my book, the cover designer created exactly what I had in mind, and the book distributor has taken care of getting my book available to the marketplace. I love my book and would not change a thing! Thank you, Sheryn and team! I'm hoping we'll work together again soon!
You have my highest recommendation!
Mary Berney
Attracting the Right Person into Your Life, the Real Truth
Book Publishers Network was an obvious alternative to the many publishing companies wanting to publish my book and have me pay them to do it. For me, working with people locally was a must. I was able to meet the people I was working with, and though most work was done by email, telephone conversations were necessary at certain times. Writing was the easy part, but the team I was introduced to pulled, pushed, and encouraged me to do what I needed to do to publish my first manuscript.
Peter D. Snow
Jesus: Man, Not Myth
Sheryn Hara really knows the book business. I have worked with her for over ten years--her follow-up is phenomenal and her counsel golden.
Dr. Julie Miller
Business Writing That Counts
Secrets of Self-Starters
Book Publishers Network has allowed my vision to become a reality in a smooth and easy way.  Sheryn has been very patient and kind in walking me through this process, this having been my first book out on the market.  The editor and distributor who she has connected me with are all very professional, and I feel very grateful to have found Sheryn's service. Thanks again!
Eileen Dey
Touching the World Through Reiki
I am thrilled to be a new author. Under normal circumstances, I would be stressing out about what to do next. But thanks to Sheryn Hara and her team at Book Publishers Network, I have no fear. I am able to savor the feeling of accomplishment for completing my book project and getting it out to the world. I feel fortunate to have been embraced by the love, caring, and expertise of Sheryn. She is truly a wonderful guiding light that has made sure every detail was covered and the whole process was painless. I am busy writing my second book and am looking forward to working with Sheryn’s team of experts again.
Shirley Enebrad
Over the Rainbow Bridge
Sheryn Hara of Book Publishers Network and her crew did an outstanding job packaging two titles for Epicenter Press in late 2008 and early 2009. They were fast, competent, affordable, and easy to work with on all issues. I highly recommend BPN to authors or publishers who need help putting a book together. 
Kent Sturgis
Publisher, Epicenter Press
Thank you, Book Publishers Network, for helping me realize a dream. I have had only encouragement and support from Sheryn Hara from the moment I first approached her many years ago, wondering if I could publish a book. With Sheryn’s expert help, my years of writing became a wonderful work of art I now share with many. Sheryn assigned an editor to my work who brought my words to life with insightful knowledge. Her staff from the cover design to layout produced a book that receives imploring looks of “May I have a copy?”
I look forward to coming back to Sheryn with my next book because I know her staff will help me produce another one of my dreams.
Sharon Gricol
Life's Captivity
I had never written a book before but thought about it for years. I finally put everything onto paper and was referred to Sheryn Hara. With her patience, guidance, and professionalism, she polished my book into a beautiful work of art. I had so many questions, changes, phone calls, and emails to Sheryn, I am amazed she followed through and got her work done.
Our decision on translating this to Spanish was the biggest challenge I have ever faced. Her team got my confidence very quickly and was very professional and extremely courteous, and I am forever grateful to have met Sheryn and honored to have used Book Publishers Network. I highly recommend them. Thank you, Sheryn.
Ralph Hutchinson
A Toolbox for Building a Better Life after Incarceration
Sheryn Hara is my Fairy Godmother! If you are an author without a publisher and feeling a little like Cinderella who doesn¹t get an invitation to the ball, then Sheryn can be your Fairy Godmother too. Sheryn has created a way for you to realize your dream of becoming a published author. She is encouraging, honest, connected, and uses her natural gifts to help others.
Her team includes many caring professionals. Every single person I worked with has integrity, talent, and great customer service. Laura does amazing work on creating book covers.  I highly recommend Sheryn and Book Publishers Network and will work with them again for my next book.
Clare Sente
Finding My Marbles
Once upon a time, the idea of becoming a published author seemed far away. I didn’t have a clue how to begin. I only knew that I had something others deserved to hear. Now, six dreamlike months after contacting Sheryn Hara, the fearless leader at Book Publishers Network (BPN), my manuscript has metamorphosed into a book that can take flight! Sheryn and her staff are real and authentic. They listen and respond! With experience, intelligence, sensitivity, excellent communication skills, respect, and responsibility, Sheryn has proved to be a gifted mentor. Soon, my book will be available to others. I truly believe that this is due to the interest and support of a group of wonderful folks who believe in helping the world “one book at a time.” From the bottom of my heart, thank you all at BPN! If you are looking for a publisher, BPN is the way to go.
Koko Preston
ORGANIC PARENTING: The Prevention of Parent Deficit Disorder
I have self-published, and I have been published by other publishers, so I know whereof I speak. If you want a shepherd through the maze of publishing, you can trust Sheryn Hara at Book Publishers Network. If you want to maintain control over your work but have a guide to turn to along the way, you can trust Sheryn. If you want someone who will plug you in to whatever you need at any stage of the game, you can depend on Sheryn. I highly recommend her service.
Linda Meyer
The Kid in the Closet
Sheryn Hara and her staff have warmed the heart of this old buzzard. She will take your bit of fluff and polish your prose so people actually think you know how to write. I monkeyed around for five years trying to get published, but Sheryn kept her staff of “pitbulls with lipstick” on my case and six months later … a really great product!
Wally Carlson
Annie’s Second Wind
Once I learned I was to be the editor of the 50th-anniversary edition of our high-school yearbook, I quickly found myself talking to Sheryn Hara at Book Publishers Network―quickly, because the publishers I talked to earlier weren’t interested. Sheryn was interested at the outset and stayed that way throughout the process. She provided me with a detailed estimate (somewhat higher than the final bill) and answered thoroughly my many questions during the next several months. She and her colleague Stephanie Martindale always returned calls and emails promptly. Stephanie, doing layout, incorporated images and designs from the 1959 yearbook, which surprised and delighted the classmates. Near the end of the process, trouble loomed from the reunion planning committee. Sheryn volunteered to discuss the problem with them and was very flexible and understanding in working it out quickly. Many told me, in person and in letters and emails after the reunion, that they had no idea the yearbook would be such a handsome, professionally done book. If I ever did this again, I'd hop right to the phone first thing and call up Sheryn.
John Medlin
Editor, 2009 Hi-Ways
I finished my manuscript and wondered, where do I go now? I contacted a few publishers, got mixed results, and found no one to talk to face to face, but they were all eager to take my money before even looking at the manuscript.
I called a few more with no better results. And then … Sheryn Hara returned my phone call the next day, eager for me to come in. “Bring the manuscript!”
she said. After reading it, she sent me specific information on self-publishing cost estimates and information on what would be next if I decided to proceed. Months later, edited, laid out, proofread, design work completed, the book was off to print! Book Publishers Network took this first-time writer by the hand and showed me the way through the self-publishing world.
Sheryn comes to you with an extensive background, as well as support people for all your publishing needs. A definite go-to operation if you are contemplating the move to publish your work.
Paul Hansen
Turnaround Summer
My friends who published a book in the traditional manner with a prominent New York publisher urged me to avoid that morass and self-publish. For months I worked with a superb freelance editor on the manuscript but producing, promoting, and distributing a finished book remained a mystery.
Then I met Sheryn Hara ­ a fountain of expertise, insights, and skill in properly placing a book into the market. She was open to my sillier ideas on format and then guided me toward a superb finished product that would meet my objectives. Her design team really hit the ball out of the park. And thanks to her marketing and distribution team, the book is selling at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. It has been a joy to work with Sheryn, and I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone serious about creating and selling a book.
Michael Schutzler
Inspiring Excellence
Sheryn knows talent, and she knows the publishing game. Under her guidance, her top-notch design and editing team transformed my manuscript into a beautiful, well-written book that gives me enormous pride every time I have the opportunity to showcase it. I’m looking forward to the next one!
Lorraine Howell
Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!
Media Skills Training
Book Publishers Network took my book and made it happen without me losing the power or sleep. With kindness, respect, and on my time table, Book Publishers Network took my manuscript and turned it into a beautiful book. I recommend Book Publishers Network to other authors and will use Sheryn Hara again myself.
Naomi Aldort
Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves
Sheryn Hara is tenacious when it comes to details and deadlines and was thoughtful and communicative throughout the whole publishing process, always keeping my best interests in mind. She gladly shared her 20-plus years of experience and connections in order to help make my first book successful. Not only that, she’s fun to work with.
Glenn Gauthier
The A to Z Book
Sheryn Hara, of Book Publishers Network, is one of those people who make dreams come true, with rock-solid business sense and experience, as well as an ever-present human touch. The first time you hold your own book in your hands with a knockout cover and beautiful layout, you get a feeling that even an author finds hard to put into words. My book would not be out in the world without Sheryn. She keeps all her promises.
Phyllis Hollenbeck, M.D.
Sacred Trust: The Ten Rules of Life, Death, and Medicine
Sheryn Hara guided me through the entire process from editing to distribution and marketing. The final product exceeded my expectations! I would recommend Sheryn to anyone who has a dream and an idea that needs to reach the public.
Bruce Nemovitz
Moving in the Right Direction
When it became clear I needed to revise and reissue my specialty textbook, Parenting From a Distance, a friend suggested I contact Sheryn Hara at Book Publishers Network. Without Sheryn’s insight and assistance, the book would have remained out of print. Book Publishers Network provides one-stop publishing that produces a top-quality product without worries and frustrations.
Jan Walker
An Inmate’s Daughter
Parenting From a Distance
Dancing to the Concertina’s Tune: A Prison Teacher’s Memoir
I am grateful to Sheryn Hara and Book Publishers Network for making my dream to become a published author a reality. Sheryn encouraged me to proceed. The Platinum King: Andrew Olson’s Story, which I co-authored with my husband’s cousin in Sweden, took several years to complete. Through those years, Sheryn guided me through the process and gave much-needed advice. The editors, cover designer, and layout designer also provided excellent services. I highly recommend Book Publishers Network, which I am using for my second book.
Karen Olson
The Platinum King: Andrew Olson’s Story
Sheryn Hara's many years in the publishing business make it possible for authors to work with an honest, on-schedule, and dependable person. She was also responsible for directing my book to another professional in the foreign book market. I highly recommend Sheryn Hara.
Ellen York
Dressing the Petite Woman
The Alaska Pen was conceived in largely hand-written letters among the three co-authors. Sheryn and her amazing group of artists, writers, editors, and proofreaders transformed a very complicated and convoluted history into a truly handsome book---Laura Zugzda's cover, Stephanie Martindale’s layout, Julie Scandora's editorial skill. We heartily recommend them.
Thor Lauritzen, Peggy Arness, and Edward Melseth
The Alaska Pen: An Illustrated History of Unga
From the beginning, Book Publishers Network was a prompt, courteous, and invaluable source of information, guidance, advice, assistance, advocacy, and encouragement. The team was superb. Vicki (editor) was thorough and accurate, Laura (cover designer) was creative and innovative, and Stephanie (text designer) was patient and responsive. I recommend Sheryn Hara and her team. 
Wayne Anthony
The Healthcare Solution
Sheryn stuck with me through a multitude of frustrations and setbacks, but she always remained supportive and never lost faith in me or my writing. Her encouraging but firm guidance got me through the tangles of edits, layouts, graphics, and paperwork. Without her, my book would have always remained a dream.
Cynthia Burkhart
The Monkeys at the Top of the Tree
When we met at Book Expo America, I knew I had found a home for my book. Sheryn's organizational skills, her guidance, and her non-stop enthusiasm made it possible for me to finish the manuscript, go to print, and get my book into distribution. I am grateful and will continue to send other writers her way.
Lynn Ziegler, Media Critic
Spongeheadz: U & Media
Without Sheryn Hara, our book would not have happened. Sheryn was able to listen carefully to our needs and incorporate a variety of different components into our book. She was able to draw on extensive publishing expertise and a talented group of individuals to help us produce a top-notch publication. Sheryn was efficient, thoughtful, and most important, a true pleasure to work with. She helped create a book that means more to my client and his family than I can adequately describe.
Myra Faust, Coordinator
Flight of a Life
I am very pleased with my book, its cover, and with the staff at Book Publishers Network. I have published before, but my market was limited. I wanted a book that I would be proud to introduce to a bookstore. She kept everything on schedule. I highly recommend Book Publishers Network for your next manuscript!
Pam Kern
The Song of the Sparrow
I’ve worked with many publishers, both traditional and print on demand, and none of my experiences went as smoothly as this one. I especially appreciated Sheryn’s high standards for the quality of the product and her recommendations for design, distribution, and marketing. She has an efficient network.
Rachel Bard
Isabella: Queen Without a Conscience
Sheryn Hara and her team pulled our book together in record time. She ensured that our vision was preserved throughout the entire process. Always professional, the quality of work was top notch. Sheryn made the entire experience a joyful one.
Chris Hamer
Parenting with Pets
My first book was in the top 10 percent of sales with my first publisher, yet they couldn’t give me the time of day. They were more of an obstacle than an asset. I knew I needed a different publisher who would be more involved. When I spoke with Sheryn Hara, she was willing to come to my home, unheard of in this industry. When she walked through my door, accompanied by her lhasa apso, I was sold! Sheryn is a visionary, someone who will be by your side through the entire publishing process.
Randi Berger
My Recycled Pets: Diary of a Dog Addict
Sheryn Hara's knowledge of the book publishing industry is unprecedented in the Pacific Northwest. From effective cover design to editing and layout, her team of experts is unmatched by the top publishing houses in the country. My two controversial political science books have received rave reviews including a consistent five-star rating on
Dr. Wayne Perryman
Unveiling the Truth
Unfounded Loyalty
The Drama of Obama on Racism
Blacks, Whites and Racist Democrats
Book Publishers Network's team of professional experts covered every aspect of my project. Sheryn's enthusiasm, attention to detail, and encouragement were a constant source of inspiration. We are looking forward to working with Book Publishers Network again.
Barbara Kindness, co-author
My Impossible Dream: The Story of Chuck Randall
Sheryn Hara of Book Publishers Network is a rare individual in the publishing business. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a publisher and is a truly caring, nurturing person who puts her heart and soul into her business.
Jacquie Ream
Forcing the Hand of God
Bully Dogs
YNK (You Never Know)
I came to Book Publishers Network with some experience, having published traditionally and on my own. Sheryn Hara and her team blew me away! The care and detail each person gave my project was spectacular. I ended up with a book that far exceeded my expectations. I’ve finally found the perfect way to publish that’s professional and profitable.
Susan Fee
Circle of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Book Publishers Network took on our project as if it was as important to them as it was to us and handled the process of turning our words, photographs, and ideas into an actual book we are proud of. I couldn’t be happier with our book, which never would have come to fruition without BPN and Sheryn!
Karin Bagnall Poage
Grown in Washington
Using Book Publishers Network turned out to be one of my better moves. They helped me get the book done and published in record time in a cost-effective yet professional manner. I recommend them without reservation to any busy author.
Tim Scala
Killing Your Company