eBook Publishing

Self publishing ebook publishing and other ebook servicesReading will always be a favorite pastime, and authors with a worthwhile story to tell will always find people—someone, somewhere—who want to read it. But we aim higher, and we think you do too. Our goal—yours and Book Publishers Network’s goal—is to have millions read your work.
With the growing popularity of e-readers, such as Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, and the newest technology using tablets, smartphones, and probably something still on the drawing board, we need to capture the people using those methods to read their favorite book. 
Book Publishers Network offers you multiple publishing options. Our authors can publish in one or more forms—small runs, traditional printing, and eBooks. Savvy authors invariably include eBooks in the mix. As with all our services, Book Publishers Network provides step-by-step assistance and guidance for publishing your book electronically.