Self publishing services for editing and proofing

Book Publishers Network provides editing services because we want your published work to shine. And we know how easily authors can overlook mistakes.

They’ve read the same passage numerous times and just don’t see the extra “the” or a missing period or the need for the past perfect tense. Our professional team has years of experience in all areas of editing: developmental, substantive, copy editing, and proofreading. 


Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, at Book Publishers Network, we pay careful attention to:

·     Consistency

·     Grammar/spelling/punctuation

·     Making every word count and ensuring sentences flow smoothly

·     Showing, not telling 

·     Maintaining the author’s style and voice throughout

Editing, which costs only a fraction of the total printing fee, makes such a positive difference in the professionalism of an author’s book. Good writers know having an editor review their work, checking the minutia as well as overall theme, gives the final work a shining polish.