Mass Capitalism


Apek Mulay’s Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival presents solutions to the economic problems threatening the United States and world economies. The Great Recession has shown how vulnerable our jobs—and our very lives—are to the whims of the market. Although control seems out of our hands, Mulay demonstrates that the United States and its workers can once again gain dominance and security in the world economy through mass capitalism.

Winning at Entrepreneurship

Business owner and investment banker Rod Robertson's success secrets are now yours. His Winning at Entrepreneuship: Insiders' Tips on Buying, Building, and Selling Your Own Business holds original tips gleaned from scores of his small to medium-size business transactions. Case studies and personal interactions give key insights to raising cash, starting a business, buying a business, creating quick growth, avoiding the pitfalls, preparing to sell, and enjoying the rewards of your labors.