The Great Lakes Plaza

Offbeat, distinctive, often surprising, The Great Lakes Plaza's nineteen short stories will keep you glued to the page and then begging for more. The incredible variety--some short, others long; capturing the everyday, zeroing on the downtrodden; sci-fi or a view hundreds of years ago--offers something for everyone, each claiming distinct favorites. 

The Girl From Teralon

A signal arrives from outer space, and it's a big one. Something--someone?--is heading toward Earth, and it has sent a message.  W. Allen Mulholland weaves the real with the imaginary so tightly that The Girl from Teralon reads as utterly likely. You too will wonder, How should we greet extraterrestrials?

City of Destiny

City of Destiny grabs the reader from the start and never lets go as it follows the violent twists and turns of a cop trying to keep his life on track and doing his best to keep the drug lords from killing everyone in their path. 

The Taylors' Civil War

When Luke Taylor's father leaves home to fight for the South in the Civil War, it's up to Luke to be the man of his family. Luke struggles to keep his family safe as Union soldiers march through the South burning crops, destroying buildings, killing livestock. When a band of renegades dressed as Union soldiers attack his home, killing his brother and beating him and his mother, Luke must leave the farm to find his father. 

A New Beginning

After Luke and Trevor arrive in Colorado they begin new adventures. Will they settle down or will they go further west exploring or looking for gold? Will they stay together or separate? Find out in A New Beginning.

Luke Taylor and Trevor Lane

After reaching Independence, Luke and Trevor join a wagon train where they fight outlaws and Indians while heading west. Two men, who used to be part of Captain Fry’s gang, are also on board. Will Luke and Trevor discover who these mysterious men are before they exact their revenge?

Trevor Lane and Independence

When word comes that the war is over, Trevor travels back to the Wrights, only to find that their house has been destroyed and Margret and her son with it. He then decides he must move west carrying the weight of the loss with him as he goes. Being a former Union soldier while traveling west he encounters the very people that attacked the Wrights and took his future away from him.

Luke Taylor Westward Bound

Luke and his father return to see their farm facing a new threat--carpetbaggers from the North who threaten to seize their land while Luke and his father resist. Luke has to kill a carpetbagger to defend his father. Luke races against time, Union soldiers, and bounty hunters on his way to join a wagon train in Independence, Missouri. With only a packhorse, a few days supply of food, and a stowaway dog, Luke heads west on a tense, adventure filled journey of survival. 

Trevor Lane and the Civil War

After Trevor’s family is killed he gets into trouble with the law. To prevent him from going to jail Trevor ends up in the Pennsylvania Sixth Calvary, also known as Morris Lancers. After being captured by the Confederate Army Trevor almost dies while he is at Bell Isle prison. Will he survive?

Upon a Field of Gold

Upon a Field of Gold is a compelling story about a man trying to reconcile his two lives without losing his current life to his past one. Heartwarming and chilling. More captivating because it's based upon a true story. Richard Strack examines the meaning of life from the inside looking out.