Young Adult

Forever and a Day

Having successfully navigated landmines of life in the school years, Fran as a young adult must now make decisions that have deep and life-altering consequences. With the betrayal of her love and friend, she must put back together her life from shattered illusions and redefine love and friendship. 

The Case of Haida History

Despite plans for a vacation finally free of life-threatening danger and unsavory characters, cousins Will and Michael find intrigue has a will of its own. Accepting an offer to explore waters farther north aboard a cruiser with family friends, mystery works its way even into their relaxing journey. Inexplicably, an enormous eagle keeps showing up. Is he leading them on? Is another adventure in the offing?

Fallen Rose

Ravenous for world power, Zoser directs his armies to attack Yaracina, and one by one, its elven cities succumb to the humans’ superior weaponry. Miraculously, Elysia escapes Zoser’s assassin and flees to the mountains.

Still at home in Aseamir, Elysia’s sister Lillian nurtures a wounded youth, who becomes conscious of a strange and dangerous power within. When Zoser’s human forces lay siege to the city, the two slip out with his abilities still hidden … and carrying another equally potent secret.

A Case of Timber Treachery

Teenage cousins Will and Michael, bonded by the previous summer's adventures and capture of a gang of criminals, return to Michael's family retreat on Quadra Island in British Columbia. A freak windstorm that downed huge trees on the property puts the two in touch with a logger and his true tales of "log pirates." With thievery on the seas never far from their minds and curiosity forever sparking, Will and Michael explore the waters around the Octopus Islands.

A Penny in Time

Life is dumping a load of changes on thirteen-year-old Dusty, one of Fran's close friends. Her best friend only cares about makeup and boys. Her recently divorced dad has a new girlfriend who loves everything frilly and pink. And she's wondering about the strange feelings she has for her friend Frank.

The Shimmering

As fourteen-year-old Michael inadvertently passes through a magical shimmering veil of air in the forest near his home, he steps into a fantastical world filled with whimsical as well as dangerous creatures, some sent to help him and others intent on destroying the intruder. Wazalops, wisps, and wizards surround him, but how can he tell friend from foe when appearances can deceive in this Age of Secrets? All he truly seeks is his father, missing for a year in the “real” world.  


Binge drinking, date rape, family secrets, and teen pregnancy collide in Choices, a compelling coming-of-age journey for fifteen-year-old Kara MacNeill. Choices is the powerful story of a teenage girl who learns to think for herself and take responsibility for her choices.  Kara emerges from her painful experience forever changed –- but wiser and stronger.


The Chronicles of Vespuela

Jason Jackson’s Chronicles of Vespuela takes us into a future where the only hope lies in the courage of the rebels-–and their new poster boy, Marshmallow Smith. But will their courage, his special powers, and the mass’s discontent be enough to undo the ruler’s plans and bring freedom to all?  

Do Something!

From Disney World disasters to unfair treatment by the media, author Mandy Schendel tells how to overcome any obstacle, handle controversy, and rise above any situation with grace. In this rare behind-the-scenes look at her many accomplishments, Mandy shares her story of struggle and success and offers advice to those who may be at a crossroads.