Going for the Gold

The financial future looks questionable. Higher inflation and higher taxes than ever before are inevitable. Social Security and Medicare benefits will be pinched. After years of excess spending, the bill is coming due. Thanks to our lawmakers in Washington, the national debt continues to soar as the Federal Reserve buys newly created debt from the US Treasury. This "easing" is money creation, plain and simple: no printing presses are needed, just a few computer key strokes. With more money in circulation, the dollar loses value and inflation will surge.

But even this money creation will not be enough to cover all the future expenses the federal government has in mind, so taxes will be going up. Those new taxes will impact most Americans, not just the "rich" that politicians campaign against. In this book, you'll discover the many ways to invest in gold: bullion and coins, gold stocks and mutual funds, gold royalty and streaming companies, ETFs, ETNs, traditional and Roth IRAs, annuities and life insurance. 

Regardless of your profession or income level, now is the time to protect what you have through gold and gold-linked investments. You can make the US tax code work for you to minimize or eliminate taxes on your gold investments.

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William A. Storum, J.D., Esq.
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