Going for the Gold a self published book by William A Storum

We live in a time of economic anxiety. Investments rise one day, plummet the next. Ever-increasing inflation continues to diminish the value of our savings. And, more than likely, Social Security and Medicare will not be able to sustain all of us who have paid into those social safety nets. 

So how can we best retain and grow our assets, not only for our future but for that of our heirs as well? The answer can be found in GOING FOR THE GOLD.

In his book, financial expert Bill Storum has created a blueprint for people of all income ranges who want to retain and preserve their wealth. The foundation on which he builds his strategies is gold—the perennial constant in our economic system. Unlike money, which is printed at the whim of the government, gold is finite, real, and consistently retains its worth.


GOING FOR THE GOLD provides an abundance of tactics for protecting what we’ve earned, including how to:

Successfully invest in gold mining stocks for the long term 

  • Turn gold into a lifetime income stream, tax-free
  • Slash exposure to increased inflation and higher taxes
  • Own gold bullion and coins in conventional IRAs and Roth IRAs
  • Invest in gold funds through annuities and life insurance
  • Include gold in estate planning

Throughout the book, Storum gives specific, detailed guidance to his readers on responsible and intelligent investing. But he also offers a wealth of inside advice based on his years of experience in the financial arena.

For anyone who wants to be proactive in maintaining and growing the money they’ve earned, GOING FOR THE GOLD will show them how.