Life Jacket


The Alaskan wilderness called, and Don Robbins answered yes. Would Biz? She loved her husband, so she hesitated nary a moment. Together they moved from their comfortable life in Colorado Springs to one of unanticipated trials and incredible adventures.

Biz Robbins’s Life Jacket: A Memoir of a Float Camp Teacher drops you in a rare but remaining experience in America’s last frontier. There, Biz and Don eventually find teaching jobs in logging camps in Ketchikan’s outlying bush areas—and conditions incredibly challenging. Life jackets are standard attire for young children. Snow has to be shoveled—evenly—off the floats to keep them level and safely above water. Purchasing food—or anything—requires a major expedition to town via watercraft, floatplane, or rugged land vehicle. And need a plumber? You learn to do on your own—or else.

Yet Don thrilled in the adventure, and Biz was happy just being with him. But when cancer struck Don, their lives changed irrevocably. Don lost the battle, and Biz was left to carry on.

Adrift without her partner, Biz took solace in the majestic beauty all around. Then, completing her own healing, she accepted the emotional life jacket the tight community offered. Friends, students, and nature gave her hope, inspiration, and reasons to live fully, allowing her time to learn to swim once again on her own.


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Biz Robbins
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