Marketing and Promotion

 Self publishing marketing and publicity services through Book Publishers NetworkThese days, even authors published by the major traditional houses are expected to do the lion’s share of marketing their books. That’s where Book Publishers Network feels being self-published has real advantages. Whereas the big presses will push your book only for a few weeks, there is no limit to the time you have to market your book if you self-publish it. We have marketing professionals who will develop a marketing plan for you that will include book signings, speaking opportunities, radio and television appearances, website design, literary contests to enter, promotion via social media, media kit design, and more. Right off, let’s get some terms straight. Publicity is media, which means radio, TV, and various print options. Marketing and promotion is EVERYTHING ELSE. 
You can get involved in the process even before your book is published. Start making a list of everyone you know, every organization you belong to, and every idea you have about your book’s target market. Start a Facebook Fan Page, write a blog, use Twitter, email, talk to your local coffee shop, bookstore, and library about book signings. If you’re from a small town with a local newspaper, talk to the publisher or journalist and you’ll have a feature article on you and your new venture.
The professionals at Book Publishers Network will handle the major national media, book reviews, international marketing, and speaking opportunities and help you set up a website of your own. See our book, Self-Publish Successfully, for more ideas.