Seeking Adventure, Uncovering Secrets

A Case of Lunar Larceny by Bruce BradburnVacationing on a remote island of British Columbia, cousins Will and Michael do what most teenagers would—seek escapades away from the parents. The kayaks call. The boundless waters give plenty of room to roam. And the latest news on their otherwise peaceful Quadra Island, an unsolved crime wave, sets the two teenage minds—and then the youths themselves—a-wandering. 

With friendship forming and adventure calling, Will and Michael explore the waters and islands around them. Too soon, innocent explorations turn into a dangerous uncovering when they happen upon a hideaway. Unwilling to staunch their curiosity, the two continue finding more than they bargained for …

In A Case of Lunar Larceny, Bruce Bradburn transports the reader into the natural beauty of Quadra and the other Discovery Islands, adding touches of history along the way. The teens’ adventures will capture readers of all ages—and then send them planning a trip of their own to the islands of British Columbia.