Swimming with the Otters

The Quadra Chronicles book by Bruce BradburnSweet, graceful otter Octavia has no interest in the rough antics of her brothers. Big brother Omar usually plays it safe. But Oscar . . . oh, dear . . . Oscar. Bumbling, enthusiastic, lovable Oscar keeps everyone in stitches as he plunges into one adventure after another. Even swimming—what most river otters do naturally—requires special instructions from Mother, amidst bouts of laughter from Octavia and Omar.

Splashing expertly around soon enough, Oscar yearns for more excitement and dreams of exploring beyond his familiar home. When Father returns from his wanderings and shares tales of distant waters, lands, and inhabitants, Oscar’s desire to travel only increases. Once opportunities open, Oscar is off . . .

In The Quadra Chronicles: An Otter Odyssey, Bruce Bradburn takes readers of all ages into the waters around his beloved Quadra Island, near Vancouver Island in Canada. An astute observer of creatures that inhabit the area, he deftly weaves five tales of exploration to delight even the cautious. In all, bold Oscar takes center stage. Through the youngster’s travels, readers learn about the behavior of river otters and other creatures in the area, including people, most of whom delight in—or at least tolerate—the otter’s explorations. Just never leave any food unattended!