Winning at Entrepreneurship a Book with a Vision

Want to buy a business or start one … but don’t know where to start?

Winning at Entrepreneurship a book by Rod RobertsonRod Robertson has done it many times over, learned from his and others’ mistakes, and packaged his wisdom in Winning at Entrepreneurship: Insider’s Tips on Building, Buying, and Selling Your Own Business to save you from disasters and ensure your success. 

After directing over fifty successful international transactions and participating in hundreds more, Robertson knows the ins and outs of mergers and acquisitions. His experience in entrepreneurship will make you a winner in the game. Covering the basics—from raising cash to starting or buying a business to growing it for sale—for small to medium-size business acquisitions, Winning at Entrepreneurship also hands out essential advice not found in other how-to guides. And experts in law, accounting, and marketing weigh in to assist you in the details.

Owner and operator of Briggs Capital, Robertson also tours the world as a motivational and guest speaker on winning at entrepreneurship and is a regular presenter at the Harvard Business School.